The big hack workshop

Team development with DIY tech. Because building things together creates great teams!

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Learn, make, share.

Explore team and technology with us. We enable teams to grow, be inspired and to explore the world of creative technologies together (without any previous experience needed).

Our Workshops

We believe in making, sharing and learning from eachother. And that great teams do just that! All we need from you in order to do this is:
- A space to be (eg. a conference-room)
- 1-3 hours of your time, for our predesigned workshops.

If you feel like leaving the office for a breath of fresh air and haven't booked a place already, we can help you arrange this at a Maker-space in Stockholm. - Simple huh? To get a quote or ask questions don´t hesitate to contact us, we are sure we can have fun, make great things and be creative together!

Short & Sweet

  • Time: 1 hour

  • Are you planning an afterwork, or would you like to disrupt a full conference-day with an hour of fun and creativity? What we need is a space to be, and about an hour of your time! We will build things together using creative technologies and at the same time explore simple tools to use for team-development. Guaranteed to spark your creativity and energy as a team.

    Creative Boost

  • Time: 2-3 hours

  • This two hour workshop will give you a more contextualised experience of creative tech and team-building. Together we will develop and create technology prototypes through creative ideations that are easy to grasp and to take home and start working with. This is perfect as an inspirational disruptor at your office during office hours, team days, or as an 'afterworkshop'.

    Custom event

  • Time: Flexible

  • We would like to teach you as much as possible about entering the world of Internet of Things and creative technology. We are able to offer you a customized program or full-day where we can move more into depth with both team-development and hands on with the tech.
    Together with you we customize it to be suited for your needs.

    Our Mission, Our Manifesto

    On a sunny day and a rainy afternoon the Big Hack team (thats us; Alex, Caroline, Emil, Fredrik, Nima, Micaela) concluded our manifesto, putting into words what we want to create, and what we believe in. Which is ultimately teams and people, and making technology interesting and accessible to anyone.

    - Our theory is that making is empowering. With knowledge comes the freedom to create your own stories, and to own your own stories. Why is making self-fulfilling? We believe that making is embedded in who we are - and that learning by doing is the key to empower people to create. We all need to be co-creators of the world we build upon technology. Make through experimenting, learn from your failures and share your improvements.
    By reading this you have already taken the next step on your lifelong journey to acquire more knowledge. You are a co-founder of this world, and we merely want to be the facilitators on this journey. We will provide you with points of reference but no solution. Don’t worry, you will find the solution yourself and then you will own it. Through our facilitation we intend to simplify the first steps into our common world of technology, and make it more approachable. Until we can all stand steady on our own two feet. Learn with your team, make great things, and share your knowledge!

    /The Big Hack Team